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diluca S.r.l.

S.P. 22 - Km 1,75 - Oromare B201,
81025  Marcianise  (CE)

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About Us


Three generations indissolubly bound to the art of cameo, the absolute protagonist in the history of the Di Luca family. In the 1957, Michele Di Luca, having on his side the most talented master engravers, brought to life his greatest dream, taking the seashell cameo to international landscape. In few years, the project collected a great success on global market.

Thus, few years later, the company had been awarded from the Chamber of commerce of Naples with a gold medal for having contributed to the economic regional development.

In 1980 Michele Di Luca’s son and daughters entered the family company, leading to the later birth of CAMEO ITALIANO from the wish of Gino Di Luca of taking the cameo on the global market without any fashion and time boundaries. Art, quality and tradition are the leitmotiv of the company.


The great success earned in only 3 years let the company become a landmark in cameo jewelry market: in fact, 1000 appointed vendors are certificated on the national market, while in the global market the company has been recognized as a true example of Italian artisanship and quality.

Since 2012 CAMEO ITALIANO is on the front line of the most famous jewelry fairs, taking down a very high number of approvals coming from an increasingly international public.

In 1957 Michele di Luca founded the Di Luca company and started the fascinating adventure that will raise awareness of the family in the world.

In the 1965 the first USA and Japanese exports has begun.

In the 1977 the Chamber of commerce of Naples awarded the company with a gold medal for the development of the economy in the region.

In the 1980 he will found the di Luca Brothers with his sons and became its President.

In the 1996 he became the diluca 1929 President.

In the 1985 Gino di Luca enters full time in the company.

In the 1988 he has been elected as member of the administration council of the cameo producers association Assocoral.

In the 1996 he became CEO of the diluca 1929 .

In the 1996 he became the Italian representative in the administration council of the World Pearl Organisation, the international association of cultured pearls producers and importers.

In the 1997 he became the President of Arca, an union located in Torre del Greco formed by companies whose goal is to promote the local cameo and coral producers.

In the 1997 he founded the Di Luca Japan, a branch of the Di Luca located in Tokyo, yet operational, whose goal is to sell cameo jewelry on the Japanese market.

In the 1998 he found and became president of the Oromare consortium, whose goals is to realize a goldsmiths center that welcomes around 200 companies. The center has been completed in the 2007 and is yet operational. Gino di Luca is its president and CEO until the 2010.


CAMEO ITALIANO gives particular attention to the quality of its creation, using the 50 years experience in producing cameo at the service of innovation and fashion research.

Creativity and traditions are mixed together in order to bring to life little pieces of art characterized by a rigorous attention given to the choice of materials and their production, along with a continuous research of new glamorous ideas.

“After the great response of the italian market, CAMEO ITALIANO aims to increase the number of its appointed vendors in Europe, Asia and USA.” (Gino di Luca, President of Cameo Italiano)


Every crashing wave tells a story,

made eternal by the voice of the sea

trapped in a shell.

The tale of the cameo begins with sailor from Naples,

at sea for many months,

carving the face of his beloved on a

shell plucked from the waters.

A woman’s exquisite beauty and

a magical bond of love form

the soul of a jewel that transcends time and trends.

The appeal of imperfection is that

it is the beauty of something truly unique...

The value of a jewel made by hand.

A challenge that continues to enthrall artists.

The passion of three generations.



In order to take care of its image of sober and essential elegance, CAMEO ITALIANO devotes its time to resources and communication.

CAMEO ITALIANO proposes a new advertising campaign whose protagonist is an Italian noble, a male example of class and elegance, as demonstration that cameo has no boundaries and it is not a woman accessory only.

The company communicates with its buyers mainly through the participation at the most famous international jewelry fairs, seizing these opportunities not only to present new collections and meet buyers and lovers of seashell cameo jewelry, but also to give demonstrations of the cameo cutting process with direct participation of its master engravers.


CAMEO ITALIANO collections are the result of a constant fashion research and tireless quality control. The combination of tradition and innovation and the will to bring cameo out of patterns are the main qualities that can be noticed immediately in every collection.

By popular demand has been created a 18k gold line, composed by Romantica, Classica, Musical and Ballet lines, in limited edition for the european, asiatic and american market.


The latest CAMEO ITALIANO collection, presented at the Vicenzaoro Winter 2015 and Baselworld 2015, is a valid example of eccentric will of create a unique wearable piece of art. In fact, there the beauty and tradition of cameo is wisely mounted on silver embellished with handmade enamels. The unicity of the piece elates perfectly the beauty of the cameo.


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Padiglione Petrarca - Stand 806
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